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“The Sanskrit word Shakti translates as Life force, essential vitality, passion, aliveness and “juice”.

Shaktiflow Yoga follows the Feminine Path of Awakening and integrates Hatha Vinyasa flow and Tribalfusion basics;

What is ShaktiFlow?

Serpentine movements, ondulations and deep pelvic circles, heart opening sequences, deep Rooting and Surrender to the Love of Mother Earth.

Benefits of the Yoga practice of ShaktiFlow:

*Offers core strength and deeper body awareness

*Focuses on exhalation, on our ability to release and surrender

*Helps to release blockages from the pelvis and chest area

*Helps us reconnect with our sensual nature and our ability to receive pleasure

*Helps us connect to our Divine Feminine Essence and womb wisdom

*Is an excellent preparation for Dance and Authentic Expression