kundalini yoga

¨The beauty of life is based on the breath. It is the link between you and God.¨

Kundalini Yoga according to Yogi Bhajan is a sacred Technology and devotional practice which includes Kriyas (sets of exercises), powerful Meditations and relaxation techniques.
Benefits of Kundalini Yoga :
* Expands our lung capacity and release stress 
* Strengthens our nervous system and increase our self- confidence
* Clears the subconscious mind and elevate our frequency
* Changes the chemistry of the body and mind through sacred chanting
* Relieves our inner anger, depression and addictive tendencies

* Aligns ourselves with the inner Teacher and enhance our intuitive power
* Enhances our natural beauty and radiance
* Helps us tap into our Infinite potential
Photo: Irini Karampatzaki